ZOOM! Professional teeth whitening system


Zoom! whitening system can dramatically whiten teeth in less than an hour and promises long-lasting results.
The procedure is very simple. It begins by protecting the soft tissue, covering the lips and gums, leaving only the areas of the teeth to be whitened exposed. The whitening gel is then applied to the affected area and illuminated with a special whitening lamp (“Zoom”) in 2-3 cycles. The special light releases a large amount of whitening agent which migrates very quickly into the tooth and changes the refraction of the coloured material to make it bright, white and translucent. By the end of the treatment period, the substance, agent is exhausted and no longer has any effect on the surrounding area, reducing the treatment time from days or weeks to less than an hour.

This whitening method takes just one hour, so you only need to visit your dentist once, unlike in the case of other methods.
Zoom is the most effective whitening method known today
Zoom does not damage the dental structure, fillings or crowns – unlike at-home or overnight whitening systems, the process is under the control of the dental team (dentist, nurse).
The treatment – unlike other treatments – causes only a little sensitivity on the first day or on the first two days after the treatment, thanks to a special brush that is part of the system.
During the treatment you can relax, listen to music or even watch a film.
The effect is long-lasting, under optimal conditions and oral care we can promise you up to 3-4 years, but we can assure you that your teeth will never be as dark as they were before the treatment.



Simple: white teeth in an hour. Just sit back and get a beautiful, white denture! Listen to music or watch your favourite movie during the treatment. (Or a part of it – remember, the procedure only takes an hour.)
Safe: clinical tests show that Zoom whitening is completely safe to use and existing fillings and crowns are not damaged.

-The ideal patient has good physical health and does not suffer from gum disease
-Best results are achieved in cases of discolouration caused by smoking, cola, red wine, coffee
-Patients with yellowish and brownish discolouration, a combination of ZOOM AP and at-home whitening treatment will give the best results
-In case of tetracycline (greyish) discolouration, the change is also visible, but usually requires a longer at-home treatment to achieve optimal colour.



– Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
– Patients sensitive to light, light therapy
– Patients with melanoma
– Individuals taking photosensitive medications listed under the collective names Chlorthiazide, Hydrochlorothiazide, Naprozyn, Oxaprozin, Nabumetone, Piroxicam, Doxicycline, Ciprofloxacin, Oflaxoacin, Psolarens, Democlocyline, Norfolxocin, Sparfloxacin, Sulindac, Tetracycline, St. John’s Wart Isotretinoin, Tretinoin

Things to do after teeth whitening:

In our office, we offer our patients the safest, most modern and effective whitening methods available today, providing you with speed, comfort and guaranteed success.
To ensure that the results of your teeth whitening treatment are long-lasting, take the following advice over the next 48 hours:
– No smoking is recommended
– Avoid black tea, coffee, cola
– Avoid eating coloured foods such as soy sauce, mustard, ketchup
– Do not eat coloured fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, cherries, blackcurrants
– Avoid drinking coloured alcohol, e.g. Unicum, Jäger, red wine


To increase the feeling of well-being and to eliminate any possible sensitivity, we recommend that during the following 48 hours:
– Avoid eating foods that are too cold or too hot
– Avoid eating citrus fruits (lemon, orange, kiwi, grapefruit) and apples
– Avoid drinking carbonated soft drinks
– Use Sensodyne or Elmex toothpaste


Advice to consider in the long run:
– Maintain proper oral hygiene
– Use dental floss
– Use tooth whitening toothpaste when brushing
– Visit your dental hygienist every six months/year for cleaning and polishing