Airflow Prophylaxis Master

Traditional tartar removal is a painful procedure and often it is not suitable to remove all tartar. With the Swiss EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master sandblasting technique, the treatment is completely painless. Thanks to its gentleness and precision, it does not damage the dental enamel and removes 100% of tartar, even from the smallest gaps. The high-tech device performs three different treatments at the same time: it removes tartar, polishes and whitens teeth. It offers three services for the price of one treatment! What makes the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master innovative?
Developed in Switzerland and already in use in many developed countries, the effectiveness of this device lies in the gentleness and precision of its technology. Traditional metal instruments used to remove tartar can damage dental enamel and gums. The Airflow Prophylaxis Master does not use manual force to clean, but a combination of special sand particles and water, and its power is due to the high pressure of this mixture when it is washed from the teeth.

How does the treatment take place?

Before the tartar removal, the teeth are coated with a layer of coloured coat of paint and the patient rinses the mouth to wash off the excess coat of paint. The material does not disappear completely, it stains the calculus, revealing the tartar. (If the tartar is quite thick, it is removed first with a specially designed head.) The EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master uses a thin water spray head to spray warm water enriched with special sand particles onto the teeth at high pressure, removing the tartar gently but effectively. Thanks to its small size and powerful water jet, it also removes plaque from the dental neck and interdental spaces – areas that are difficult to reach not only with a toothbrush but also with the traditional tools used by dentists for tartar removal.

Teeth whitening with EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master

Before traditional teeth whitening, the teeth are always cleaned, i.e. the tartar is removed and the teeth are polished – the whitening procedure itself can only begin afterwards. The whole three-step procedure thus takes about two full hours (depending on the individual condition)! The EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master not only removes the tartar, but it also polishes the teeth, leaving them much whiter as a result, eliminating the need for the time-consuming procedure of tooth whitening in many cases.
“The status, colour, shape and disease-proneness of our teeth are largely determined by our genetic structure – yet we are responsible for them. It cannot be said often enough that prevention is the best thing we can do for the health of our teeth.
Unfortunately, many patients only see a dentist when they are already in serious pain – too late! However, most diseases can be prevented if they are detected in time! An annual dental check-up can reveal a developing caries, cyst or inflammation, which can be easily treated in the early stages. However, advanced gingivitis or bone atrophy, for example, can lead to loosening of the teeth, which later requires much more serious intervention.
Dental care is like raising a child: the best you can do is to keep caring and paying attention – for a lifetime!”