Wisdom teeth are molars that usually erupt in the late teens and early 20s. If healthy and properly aligned, they represent a valuable part of the mouth, but are often neglected and need to be removed. They can be a problem if they grow in the wrong position (horizontally, inclined or at a distance from other molars, perhaps leaning outwards or inwards). A badly grown third molar can cause endognathion or other damage to adjacent teeth, the jaw and nerves. How easily the doctor can remove the third molar, depends on its location. Removing a tooth that has completely erupted through the gum is like removing any other tooth. However, if the third molar is below the gum and embedded in the maxilla, it involves gingival incision and bone removal above the tooth. Such a tooth is often removed in small pieces rather than in one piece. However, before it is removed, the surrounding tissue and the tooth are anaesthetized.