When is bone grafting needed?
Before dental implantation, it is important to examine the bone structure, bone material, as a stable foundation – bone structure – is needed for the long-term preservation of the dental implant. In some cases, the patient’s maxilla may not be suitable for dental implants for individual reasons.
The question arises: how do we know if our bone structure is adequate?
First, we take a panoramic X-ray or a CT scan of the maxilla, on the basis of which our dentists can determine what kind of treatment they recommend for our patient. If the bone material is not suitable for a dental implant, our dentists may recommend bone grafting. Bone grafting is an oral surgery procedure where the existing bone material is completed with bone substitute material, which is incorporated over time, into which the artificial dental root can be safely implanted. The most common cause of jaw bone loss is tooth loss itself. The maxilla needs to be constantly stimulated by chewing. Due to modern bone grafting techniques, it is now possible to replace almost any density of jaw bone to provide a suitable base for one or more implants. Bone grafting is performed under local anaesthesia using special bone grafting materials. In our dental clinic we use premium quality materials. In case bone grafting is required at the time of implant placement, it represents an additional cost in the treatment plan