Take a painkiller an hour or two after tooth extraction.
This will help to avoid immediate post-operative wound pain. Normally you will not need more painkillers.
Do not rinse your mouth or spit immediately after tooth extraction. Otherwise bleeding can occur because of the haematoma falling from the wound.
You should not eat while you are still feeling the effect of the anaesthetic, otherwise you could cause serious injury to your own mouth.
You may drink, but the theory according to which concentrated alcohol is antiseptic is wrong; it is even harmful because it tends to induce bleeding.
In the days following tooth extraction, it is especially important to maintain good oral hygiene. If it is possible, brush your teeth even more times than usual. It is a good idea to use mouthwash (not immediately after tooth extraction, of course).
If the tooth or the area around it has been inflamed, you may experience a fever. In this case, use the usual antipyretic medicines.
If you take the above-mentioned advice, you are likely to be fine. Unfortunately, complications can still occur. In such cases, consult your doctor and do not experiment with the wide range of “folk” remedies.