Periodontal disease is a common disease all over the world, including our country. This is the process during which teeth can become loose as a result of the degradation of the alveolar bone, the upper and lower maxilla. Tooth loosening can be detected by X-ray, but the problem is more serious when the loosening of teeth can be detected by physical examination as well.
This is a problem that appears in the case of old people as a result of the natural physiological process, but unfortunately, it can also be often detected in the case of younger people (due to diabetes, chronic gingivitis or other predisposing factors).
Therefore, it is extremely important that anyone who has gingivitis does not wait until the inflammation becomes chronic, but should consult a dentist at the first sign of symptoms!
Frequent and correct brushing plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of gingivitis: it is advisable to clean the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth from the gums to the chewing surface of the teeth in a vertical direction, and to brush the chewing surfaces with a toothbrush in the morning and in the evening, and also after meals. Correctly performed brushing takes at least five minutes. It is important to remove plaque properly, and it is highly recommended that you have your tartar removed by your dentist every six months.
Bone loss can be checked, as even in the case of smaller problems the dentist can measure the amount of bone loss between the gum and the tooth using a probe. This is called a periodontal probing. The pockets can form between the tooth and the gingiva because there is not a proper bone structure, so bacteria that have been trapped in plaque and saliva can cause inflammation and further degradation of the bone.
The result is tooth loosening and subsequent tooth loss. The pockets should be cleaned regularly by the dentist, which is why it is important that dental prosthetic restorations are made and checked by a dentist, not by a friend you know or a dental technician living in your house!