Whether it’s a thumb, a pacifier or any foreign body that stays between the teeth for a long period of time, it can lead to problems regarding the maxilla. This effect is transmitted from the primary teeth even to the permanent teeth. How uncomfortable such a malocclusion will be depends in particular on the duration, but also on the nature of the body being sucked and its position in relation to the maxilla.


– open bite
– tooth protrusion
– narrow maxilla
– malposition of the jaw.
Tooth and maxilla disorders are mainly caused by habits that date back to infancy and should have disappeared by the age of 3.
Psychological disorders play a role only in special cases. If, for example, a child continues to suck a pacifier after the age of 6, neither harsh words nor actions will help. In such cases, you should consult a child psychologist.
Although the teeth and maxilla are strong enough to withstand an occlusal pressure of up to 30-40 kg for short periods of time, they do not “like” the bottle in the mouth, although it requires much less force: it puts a lot of pressure on the masticatory system for many hours. This means that time plays an important role.