Don’t spare your toothbrush!
– brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2-3 minutes, preferably with an electric toothbrush
– if your dentist recommends it, be sure to use dental floss and interdental brush
– see your dentist every six months or immediately if you have a complaint
– use sugar-free chewing gum after meals if you cannot brush your teeth
– This way you have a good chance to have your own denture and a healthy smile all your life!


Oral care techniques:
The adequate brushing time is 4-6 minutes, perhaps the only thing more important than that is the regularity – 2 times a day. However, it is very important how you move your toothbrush. Here’s a quick guide to a good brushing technique!
For each technique, the rule is to hold the toothbrush loosely, massage the teeth rather than rubbing or scrubbing them.


The outer surface:
Circular cleaning: a procedure that can be applied to the outer surface of the teeth. It is important to massage not only the teeth, but also the gums, gingiva with the toothbrush, so that you can remove plaque from the gingival margin.


The inner surface:
Sweeping motion: a way of cleaning the inner surface of the teeth.
How to do it: place the toothbrush in the area of the molars on the gingival margin, from here start the sweeping movements towards the masticatory surface of the tooth. Brush the inner surface of the incisors and canines (the 6 frontal teeth) with a vertical brushing motion. The direction of toothbrush is then from the gum to the masticatory surface.


The masticatory surface:
Use circular or scrubbing motions to clean the masticatory surface of the molars, but remember it is not the force that counts. Do not press the toothbrush too hard against your teeth.


Free tooth surfaces:
Don’t forget the free surface (no longer in contact with other teeth) of the last tooth, and if you have a gap between the teeth or an edentulous area, the two adjacent surfaces next to the gap are also considered free surfaces and should be cleaned. As you can reach them, these surfaces should also be brushed around.