Dental floss is a tool used to clean the interdental spaces. Flossing should be done once a day, before brushing.
You can buy it in drugstores and pharmacies, there are 25 or 50 meters in a box.
How to use it: The right length is about 40 cm, so you can work comfortably with it (you can open the box and use a metal part to tear off the right length of floss).
Roll it up on your two index fingers so that only 5 cm remains free, then insert the floss in the interdental space, right under the gingival papilla between the teeth. Once this is done, stretch it over the tooth surface of the tooth and pull it upwards, out of the interdental space. This technique should be applied in the case of all interdental spaces, being careful not to damage the papilla.
Don’t let the initial difficulties discourage you, try it again the next day and you’ll see that you get faster and more skilful every day!