Zirconia dental prostheses

Zirconia dental prostheses

The aesthetical advantage of prostheses having a zirconium-dioxide frame can be atributed to the fact that it doesn’t contain metal, so the light can diffuse through the prosthesis and its surrounding the same way as it does in the case of natural teeth. In the case of prostheses that contain metal, this metal frame (that assures stability) hinders the spreading of light.

One of the most important advantages is that the prostheses having zirconium-dioxide frame don't cause allergic reactions in the case of those patients who have metal allergy.

The stability and life-span of the zirconium-dioxide frame can be increased by adding Yttrium oxide or magnesium-, calcium-, aluminium- or other oxides.

The process of making a zirconium-dioxide frame

After smoothing and shoulder preparation the dentist takes an impression of the teeth surrounding the edentulous area or the tooth injury. If the crown part of the damaged tooth cannot be saved, then the dentist will insert a root canal pivot in the remaining dental root and later the zirconium-dioxide frame can be fixed on this pivot.

After smoothing a temporary crown will be placed on the abutment. On one hand the temporary crown eliminates aesthetical problems; on the other hand it protects the smoothed tooth.

The zirconium-dioxide frame of the dental prosthesis is made in a dental laboratory on the basis of the impression using CAD-CAM technology. A porcelain layer will be burnt on this frame and so one can have aesthetic teeth with similar shape and colour as in the case of natural teeth.

Before definitely fixing the prosthesis the frame "has to be tested". During the test the dentist checks whether the frame fits exactly into the space between the neighbouring teeth and whether the edge of the frame fits the gums well or not.

After the necessary adaptations the zirconium-dioxide frame and the porcelain crown will be fixed.

Unique properties of the zirconium-dioxide

The load-bearing of the dental prosthesis having a zirconium-dioxide frame is very high and it has a very aesthetic aspect.

Despite the high load bearing of the dental prosthesis having a zirconium-dioxide frame, the permanent strain leads to the appearance of micro fissures in the material. The unique property of zirconium is that due to the so-called fissure-closing mechanism it can stop the expansion of the micro fissures, so it lengthens the lifespan of the dental prosthesis.

Due to the high load bearing of the dental prosthesis having a zirconium-dioxide frame, more teeth can be restored or a complete circular bridge can be made. The tissue-friendly zirconium-dioxide frame doesn’t irritate the gums, it doesn’t cause gingival inflammation and its colour doesn’t create aesthetic problems in the case of gingival recession.