Tips for oral care

Don’t spare your toothbrush!

  • Wash your teeth at least twice a day for 2-3 minutes, if it’s possible with an electric toothbrush.
  • If your dentist recommends, you should definitely use dental floss or interdental brush
  • You should pay a visit to your dentist every six months or whenever you have complaints
  • After the meals use sugar-free chewing gum, if you cannot brush your teeth
  • By keeping these tips, you have a high chance for having a lifelong own denture and a healthy smile!

Oral care techniques:

The adequate duration for tooth brushing is 4-6 minutes, the frequency - twice a day - being the only aspect that is even more important than that. It is not all the same how you move your toothbrush either. As it follows, you can read a short presentation of an adequate tooth brushing technique!

It is valid for every technique itself that you should rather massage the teeth, don’t scrub or rub them!

Outer surface

Circular cleaning: It is a method to be used on the outer surface of the teeth. It is important to massage not only the teeth but the gums also, so the pellicle can be removed from the sides of the gingiva as well.

Inner surface

Sweeping movements: It is a method used to clean the inner surface of the teeth.

Execution: Place your toothbrush at the gumline of the molars, and start the sweeping movements from here to the grinding surface of the tooth. You can wash the inner surface of the incisors and canines (the 6 front teeth) with this method. The movement direction of the toothbrush is from the gumline to the grinding crest.

The occlusal surface

You can clean the occlusal (grinding) surface of your molars with circular or scrubing movements, but don’t forget that force is not what matters. Don’t push the brush too hard on your teeth.

Free tooth surfaces

Don’t forget the free surface (which doesn’t touch any other teeth) of your last tooth. If you have an edentulous area, the two neighbouring teeth also have free surfaces and they have to be cleaned as well. You should wash these surfaces circularly as well, as far as you reach them.