Thumb-sucking and its consequences

It doesn’t matter if it’s the thumb, the pacifier, or any other foreign object, if it stays between the dentures for a longer period of time, it will cause mandible development disturbance. This disturbance will transmit from the milk teeth to the permanent teeth. The proportion of the disturbance depends on the duration of this sucking, but it also depends on the shape of the object and its position related to the mandible.


  • Open bite
  • Proeminent teeth
  • Narrow jawbone
  • Distorted position of the jawbones

The disorders of the teeth and mandible are caused mainly by habits that origin in childhood and should have been given up by the age of 3.

Mental disorders are only rarely the cause of teeth or mandible disturbances. If a child sucks a pacifier after the age of 6, this cannot be changed by fierce words or actions. We should search for the advice of a child psychologist in this case.

Although our teeth and jawbones are very strong – for shorter periods can even bear an occlusal force of 30-40 kg as well – they “don’t like” the baby bottle or the pacifier. These require considerably smaller force to bite: but they charge the masticatory system for many hours. This means time plays a significant role.