Insertion of an artificial root – dental implant

Things to do before and after the implantation

Things to do before the surgery:

  • Please inform your dentist about all your diseases and medicines you take!
  • If you regularly take medicines, follow the usual routine
  • On the day of the surgery eat normally. Don’t show up with an empty stomach.

Things to do following the surgery:

  • If the implantation surgery is carried out with local anaesthesia, please don’t eat until the effect of the anaesthetic fades away, because you can easily bite your lips, tongue or the mucous membrane. The effect of the anaesthetic can last up to 2-3 hours.
  • If you feel any pain, take a painkiller.
  • Avoid the physical strain, sport, lifting heavy objects and sauna usage for 1-2 days following the surgery, because these activities can cause post-bleeding.
  • According to the location of the surgery your face might swell slightly. To avoid or treat this you should place ice on this region every day for more intervals of 10 minutes.
  • Try to speak as little as possible on the day following the surgery.
  • Don’t chew on the side of the implantation and avoid the consumption of hard and chewy food, such as hard bread, chewy meat, crispy vegetables, walnut, peanut, etc.
  • On the day of the surgery you should avoid strong mouthwashes, apply only soft mothwashes after eating.
  • Don’t suck on your wound, because it can cause post-bleedings.
  • Try not to bite on the surgical field.
  • Don’t palpate the surgical field with your finger or your tongue.
  • It is recommended to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol and coffee for 3 days following the intervention.
  • Try to skip too spicy and hot meals for a few days.
  • Take the prescribed medicines according to the instructions.
  • Show up at the appointed time for taking out the stitches.
  • It is very important to award increased attention to oral hygiene! Regular, attentive oral care is one of the most important conditions for a successful implantation.

The stitches have to remain in the mouth for 10 days following the implantation. If the stitches loosen up sooner or fall out, contact your dentist immediately!