Sensitive teeth

It often happens that our teeth get temporarily or permanently sensitive to external impacts.

This manifests itself in form of a sharp pain on one or more teeth when we consume cold, hot, sweet or salty food or drinks or inhale cold air. It isn’t unusual for the tooth brushing either to cause pain.

The sensitivity can have several reasons but what is coomon about them is that the dental pulp gets connected with the oral cavity through minuscule ducts. These ducts that usually run through the dentin are normally closed by the enamel, root cementum or the gingiva. The openings of the ducts become clear when caries appear, the enamel wears off or the gingiva recesses.

In any of the mentioned cases it is recommended to appeal to a doctor’s help who can either fill the tooth or treat the gingivitis. The problem is often abolished if we clean our teeth gently but thoroughly. We should use a soft toothbrush (for ex. Curaprox 5460) and toothpaste whose ingredients can block the small ducts in the dentin (sensitive toothpastes). We should try to handle the problem anyway, because the tooth can inflame from the multitude of external impacts.