Gingival bleeding

Many people experience gingival bleeding while washing their teeth or eating toast or apple.

In such cases we tend to be more careful while washing our teeth and to avoid hard food. The bleeding is caused by gingivitis in most of the cases. The gingiva may be bruised or haemophilic, but bleeding may be an accompanying symptom of diabetes. It is worth appealing to a doctor who is familiar with oral diseases and who can identify the cause of the problem. Gingival bleeding is often an individual disease but it can be induced by vitamin deficiency, bruises - if you hurt the gingival papilla with a toothpick, plaque or pellicle. As a result of the inflammation, the alveolar bone decomposes, and if the treatment is not initiated in time, this can lead to the loosening of the teeth and to their loss. For this reason it is extremely important to treat the inflammations. The dentist removes for start the subgingival and supragingival plaque.

If the dentist doesn’t prescribe any other treatment, it is important to wash one’s teeth thoroughly with a hard toothbrush, but we have to clean the gums and the area between the tooth and the gums as well, because the pellicles can cause further inflammation. We shouldn’t be afraid if stronger bleeding occurs during tooth-wash. This will end, and otherwise the dentist can stop the inflammation by brushing, creaming or involving medication. A good addition to oral care is the dental irrigator, but since its usage requires specific attention, we should ask for the dentist’s advice.