CHILDish questions

My child cries very often. Could he be teething?

Yes, it is very probable. The infants’ teeth start erupting when they are 5-6 months old. This involves pain in most cases, and sometimes high temperature. The soothing liquid called Dentinox, found in pharmacies or drugstores, can do good service but it is not a miracle medicine. If this doesn’t help, they child may get Panadol syrup, but only with moderation.

When should I first take my son to the dentist?

It may sound surprising, but you should first take him when he doesn’t require any treatment. This way, the only purpose of the visit can be for the child to experience the dentist’s consultation as something normal and not to have any negative impressions. Treating children’s teeth is not an easy thing to do; it requires patience and experience, because you have to reach his/her soul first for the treatment to be completed. This is why it is very important for the child not to remember his/her first encounter with the dentist as a trauma.

When should I start washing my daughter’s teeth? She’s 18 months old.

You should start it immediately. At this age the physical effect of the tooth brushing itself is not as important as the fact that the child knows, she has to wash her teeth. It can be very effective if you wash your teeth with your child, because children have a very strong sense of imitation. You don’t have to force your child to wash her teeth; it is more convenient if she learns it through playing. You will see, in a few weeks, she will demand it.

What is the sealing of pits and fissures?

If you observe the surface of the molars you can see that there are grooves on it. These grooves and fissures are very vulnerable to tooth decay and caries often start building in these places. Sealing these fissures and pits means actually filling these grooves with a special enamel containing fluoride, which closes these fissures, so that tooth decay doesn’t initiate in these places. It is best to do the treatment 1-2 years after the eruption of the permanent teeth. The treatment itself is not painful, it doesn’t require anaesthesia.

The baby bottle ...

If the child drinks from the baby bottle, we should consider the following important aspects: it matters, what the baby bottle is filled with. We should give the child only sugar-free drinks or drinks with low sugar content. It is depressing to see a child with decaying teeth, the baby bottle being mostly the reason for it (and the adult who gives it to him/her....) When the child is able to drink from a glass, he should do that. It is difficult to wean a child from the bottle before the age of 3, but at least we should try.

There are orthodontic pacifiers also, which are convenient, because they prevent the creation of open bite.

The child is sucking his thumb. What should I do?

I know it is easy to say, but wean him from the thumb-sucking. You can buy him an orthodontic pacifier, because durable thumb-sucking can lead to problems which are difficult to treat. A considerable number of children with open bite have been sucking their thumbs.